Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wedding, Champions Forest, Texas, May 2015

I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine. -Song of Solomon

As I think of this precious couple, I adore the love they have for each other and our God. Their devotion is so easy to share and capture...I was blessed to share their special day. Enjoy a few of my favorite images from their wedding. 

 Bridesmaids praying over the bride
Isn't she gorgeous? 

Mom moment

Purple Power!!

 Sweet, precious love!

So much sass in this picture!

One of my favorites!

She is a little excited!

 Adore her little groomsman!

If you have never experience a Brother Pope service, you are missing out! 

The groom seeing the bride for the first time. Sweet memories

 Thank goodness for Moms!
So much passion here from Brother Pope as the bride's little brother watches on. 

The wedding party

 Introducing the new couple. 

May your love continue to grow and blossom in the Lord. 

And to end on a fun note, do you know who this quartet is? Link answer in comments below!!!
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