Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scared of the Scale?

The dreaded scale. I wonder if I stand with on my tiptoes, with no clothes on and hold my breath, will I be skinny according to my scale? 

I am horrible. I still make up excuses why the scale calculated my weight wrong. They include: 
  1. It is at the end of the day and my body is carrying around all the weight.
  2. The scale is not balanced. 
  3. The battery is low so it doesn't read properly.
  4. My shoes weigh 3 pounds. 
  5. I am bloated. 
  6. My clothes weigh 6 pounds. 
  7. My three year old must of been playing with it again. 
The list goes on and on. For those of you who have followed me for a while, know that I weigh in on Wednesdays and then post everywhere how much I weigh. Yes toddlers have made me lose my mind. From September to November 15, I was having one Body by Vi Shake a day.
(More information at http:jcsquared.myvi.net) I also hit my magic number 149.6 I had reached my goal and then the holidays came and let's just say I have a sweet tooth. I love everything and anything covered in chocolate. Also working in education, I am spoiled with lots of homemade treats. How can you say no and waste so thank you gifts. Plus I love wine. Mesina Hof  Tribute to Beauty and Sangria are my first loves. So for the last 40 days, I have had food and ate like I would never eat again. 
I was pleasantly surprised that when I stepped on the scale, it was not too shabby. On Monday, I started my Body by Vi Shakes again and have a goal to hit 135. I never seen this number on the scale but it is a goal worth shooting for. P.S. I am 5'8" so you get some perspective.
UPDATE: 1/4/11: I weighed in at 151.6. Very impressed considering the amount of chocolate covered cherries and pie I ate over the last month!

Day 3: Resolution: Be able to step on the scale and not be afraid of what magic number shows up. 

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