Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scared of the Repairs no more!

I cannot take all the credit. As long as I have google at my fingertips, I can almost figure out anything. Our freezer died on us on Tuesday. That evening, I went to look for a new one. After I picked myself off the ground and saw the prices from $1000 to $3000 for something similar to what I have now, I decided I must figure out what is wrong with our refrigerator!
Thanks to my hubby who is willing to try everything at least once, we started taking apart the frigerator. Charleigh also thought she could help. After many google searches and youtube videos, we concluded it was the starter relay switch on the compressor. You shake it and if it rattles, it is broke. How easy is that! 
One part later, one freezer working. 
Do not be afraid to google things like "freezer is not freezing, now what? , HELP me, my freezer is broke." The most amazing part is that someone else has already googled it before you, so just ask. 
Resolution #4: Never be afraid ask for help even if it is from or for visual learners!

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