Monday, January 9, 2012

Scared of Budgeting

How many of you have tried to set a budget and come up completely short? Been there, done that and had my hubby looking at me like why do you do this to us? I have tried Dave Ramsey, Coupons Galore and read every budgeting book I can get my hands on. I have finally come to realization that I have the knowledge on how to do keep to our grocery budget of $200 for a family of four. It comes down to simply to me not cheating. Me seems to be a common problem to why my resolutions do not work. This month, I will stick to it, come hell or high water. As my hubby says, looks like we will be eating lots of deer meat from the freezer this month.

So how do you coupon? How do you set your grocery budget? I swear by this lady: She is the goddess of all coupon websites! You must check her out. Today when looking through the yahoo homepage, I found this: I would love to figure out how to barter my services to get other things for free. Then I would have more money to spend on groceries and such! In my next life, I will....right?
This month, 1/10/12
Money Spent at Wal-Mart $81.32
(Included groceries and random stock up items from the Christmas Aisle)
Money Spent at Walgreens $19.84
(2 bottles of Pantene, 1 bottle of Aussie Conditioner, 4 Alka Selzter Cold Medicines Day and Night, 1 Bayer Aspirin-120 count, 1 Gillette Pro Fusion Razor) Thanks Southern Savers Goddess!
Total: 101.16

(Holy crap! I have $98.84 left-no more Clearance aisles for me!)

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