Monday, January 2, 2012

Scared of the Bag No More

I have this bag that carries everything. Things I say I am going to do when I get home, check lists, calendars, galore of lip gloss, mail from school, mail from home and clips of articles that I find interesting. The only problem is the bag is neverending. I did not realize how bad this was until today. I was digging through it for god know whats and there is a pile of at least 20 Christmas cards that did not get sent. Yes NOT sent. Now please remember I am a southern girl with manners. You always send a card with pictures of your babies. Now I know why my mother in law thinks I do not like her-her card was in there. And now I apologize to all the others that didn't get their card. After much debate, my dear friend Jackie convinced me to go ahead and mail them. There's nothing like a little late holiday cheer. Plus my babies are so cute why wouldn't you keep a picture of them all year on your fridge. So today, I cleaned out the bag. NO more loose anything because I retired the bag. If it doesn't fit in my little notepad I carry around or purse, it doesn't go anywhere with me. So if you see me carrying a bag that looks like this-scream at me and shame me in public. Heck, I don't know why I carry it around anyways, it is not like I ever go through it when I get home anyways. Good bye bag!
Resolution #2: Do not have a junk bag that I carry around that really only serves as a weight to help me lose weight. 

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