Friday, January 6, 2012

Scared of Forgetting.

My kids do the cutest things. Now I sound like every other mom...of course,  my child is the first one to ever say or look that cute!! Heck, I have another blog that tracks their every movement. I also have about a million pictures of them doing everything from standing, crying, laughing. staring, reading, sitting on the toilet and sleeping. I also have hours upon hours of video. Yes I have a problem. Yet I do not want to forget one moment. They are all so unique and they all put a smile on my face and in my heart.

I found a few ideas of tracking their progress this new year. I will not lie, last year, I tried to take a picture every day. Taking a picture every day was not the problem, keep track of when I took a picture and then sharing it was the problem.  So then I found this...epic fail also due to note cards are easy for a toddler to resort for you.  Then I thought about the a memory jar-

As I was trying to make do,  I notice my grocery list pad would be the perfect fit. Somewhere on I had seen something similar but now for the life of me cannot find it. So I wanted to make something cute but no time for it now. I started out with a legal note pad, drew a line through the middle (I have 2 kids and did not want to play favorites), then on the far left side wrote down #1-31 and started tracking everything cute, adorable, funny thing my children say or do by the day. In reality it is just a one line sentence about my child for the day.
 What will I do with these? Of course, hoard them and embarrass them one day. But in the mean time, it helps me keep my sanity when J is throwing his 3 year old temper tantrum or my little C is practicing her high pitch scream in the car after a long day of work! This weekend I will work on my cute version for you to track your memories too. Until then, as long as I put it on paper and get it out of my clutter filled brain, I have accomplished another "Scared No More" Task.
Resolution #5: Put my thoughts on paper!

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