Monday, January 2, 2012

Scared of the Shower No More

My shower makes me crazy. The scum on the glass makes it where I have no desire to clean any part of the bathroom. I have tried every gadget, cleaning product to make the scum disappear. Still nothing. I even asked Santa for a brand new shower door so I could start over. Nothing still.
So on my first day of tackling things that scare me, I tackled the shower. My three year old helped! We used a box of baking soda and DAWN. First we wiped the Baking Soda on the glass and the freely put the Dawn on the door. Next my three year old helped scrub the walls and I "reached high" as he would say.
Was it a complete success? No. Was it better than where I started? Yes.
If nothing else, I learned that a 3 year old makes cleaning more enjoyable!

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