Saturday, June 22, 2013

For the love of Summer and Watermelon

IF you are in Texas, then you know that in order to survive summer one must have watermelon. So without further ado, I decided my free mini session would be a watermelon photo shoot! Super excited about all the props and most of all the yummy watermelon! 

Glimpse of my FB "only a few spots" left ad
Yes those are my precious little ones!

Yes it is still drying...took an old suit case and painted it Watermelon. Then took my trustworthy can of chalkboard paint and blue painter's tape and made a stripe on my watermelon. Wasn't sure this was going to work but as you can see it did! 

Now to charge my batteries, cut up watermelon and rest up for tomorrow's very busy mini photo shoot! Previews soon!

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