Friday, July 5, 2013

Bucket List Shoot

I am a "yes" kind of girl. If you ask me anything, I will usually say yes. When a local photographer asked if I could squeeze this shoot in, I said the only word that comes natural to me. And on this morning, I am thankful I said yes. 

With my rubber boots on, both cameras ready, I was ready to help this man cross something off his bucket list. A real bucket list. Yes he immediately inspired me to create one! 
It was a quick, just like race horses are suppose to be. I could of easily stayed all day but I am pretty sure Johnny Keefer and the horses would not of appreciated it as much as I would. Yes it was a small world that my hubby and the owner of the facility fish together and actually have grown up together. Small world. 

Next on his bucket list: A fox hunt
(Funny:When he first told me, I thought he was talking about Fox Network. So I thought he was attending a hunt sponsored by Fox Network. When I asked what type of animal was he looking for, he just looked at me like I was silly and said Fox of course. OOPS!)

Edited with Painted by the Moon Actions
Location: Magnolia, Texas

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