Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This week Sample Specials

Want to try the shakes but not ready to make a month long commitment?
I understand. I researched everything and read every good and bad thing about Body By Vi before I jumped. I encourage for you to do the same. To research the product go to http://jcsquared.myvi.net  Ask any questions-I can get you the answers.
Next biggest concern is how did it taste? Everyone said cake batter. That didn't mean much to me. As an addicted Slim Fast shake drinker out of convenience, I was scared to change. Yet after the first one and reading the low amount of carbs, I was sold. Plus it was the same price as my Slim Fast Shakes.
So now I am where I am today. I have 10 pounds left to lose and every week they keep sending me checks. I also forgot to mention that as soon as 3 people buy it that you refer to your website, yours is free the next month on autoship. Yes I thought it was too good to be true. I still take pictures of my check every two weeks to assure myself that I am making money.

So don't take my word, try it out yourself. I figured out how much they cost and add a little for postage and that is how I got these costs!

So let me know how many you want to try, I will paypal invoice you and as soon as it is paid, your shakes will be in the mail! Easy as can be.

5 shakes for $12
3 shakes for $6
15 shakes for $28
30 shakes for $50

Email me at ourgreatestcatch@yahoo.com to place an Samples order.

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